Why choose Soul Balance for your next Company Retreat?

The Company Retreat experience can greatly benefit the leaders and team members of your organization, and can be personally tailored to reflect your goals and outcomes on request. This way we can ensure that our range of programs and activities will be suitable for the group dynamics and personal development areas.

Our Soul Balance schedule has been designed and well organised to be engaging, transformation, relaxing, and finally balancing across the 7-day timetable.

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What makes us different?

Our philosophy is to ‘Help others while you are helping yourself’ which is why we have built a strong partnership with the local Balinese community School.

Soul Balance has built an ongoing relationship with the Jati Village Primary School to provide learning resources and conduct Education development workshops with each of our visits. As a part of your group Retreat experience, the school welcomes us into the classrooms for an afternoon of English teaching and interaction with the children. This is our way of showing gratitude to the local village for allowing us to stay in their magical environment.

Each Corporate/Company Retreat is created after an initial discussion of a needs and goals assessment process that focuses on your Business needs. A personal design and selection process further enhances the ideal Retreat outcome following this.

If your focus does involve a Team building aspect, our consultants will assist your team and develop specific workshops and activities to focus on any critical areas for change or key content in new and interactive ways. This allowing new levels of teamwork and trust to collaborate and grow once back in the workplace. Components may include Stress Management or Time Management strategies for example.

The Results

Your Company or Organisation Retreat can have a grounding and profound result on the quality of your interpersonal relationships in powerful ways.

Soul Balance Retreats will help your team to release anxiety and stress, be more centred and relaxed, accelerate connecting more deeply to others within the work environment and help them to feel empowered to live the most exuberant prosperous and happy life. If they’re burdened with:

  • Anxiety, stress or dissatisfaction;
  • Struggling and suffering from tiredness and low energy;
  • Having unsatisfying relationships or feeling detached from loved ones;
  • Feeling blocked or stuck and not progressing in their career life as desired;

Then they’re most likely struggling with a lot of unresolved emotions. At Soul Balance Retreats your team will learn about the power of emotions. Participants will find out why they are experiencing the emotions they are, and how to experience the emotions they deserve.

The Schedule

Our 7-Day schedule has been created to enhance all participants’ current state of wellbeing – both physically and mentally. Each individual will glow from the inside to out. Everything is included from Yoga, Guided Meditation, Spa treatments, Personal training, ALL meals made with wholesome Organic ingredients, Cooking classes, Jungle walks, Vitamin Supplements… And of course our visit to the children at the local community primary school.

The Inspiration

The passion & inspiration behind the creation of Soul Balance Retreats comes from an ancient Balinese Life Philosophy ‘Tri Hita Karana’ which translates as the Three Causes to Prosperity, bringing about harmonious relationships: Human to Faith, Human to Human, and Human with Nature.

This harmonious lifestyle includes maintaining the balance of the spiritual and physical worlds. It helps take ownership and responsibility for our: life, relationships, community and environment.

When there is an imbalance, it shows up in you and others as ego, judgment, disconnect, selfishness, loneliness and an energetic heaviness.

  • Have you ever sat there and wondered, where the heck can I go for a break so I don’t have to deal with Stress of the Daily Grind?
  • Have you Lost Motivation, Balance and Time for yourself in the past, and are sitting there waiting for something to change… Only to find out nothing happens?
  • Have you ever had that sickening feeling of not having enough sleep and stressing about how you are going to get through the day?
  • Are you sitting their wondering how do I take my first step to a Healthier version of me?

You are not alone…

After spending years running our own Business’ in the trenches of 12 hour days, Adrenal fatigue, Anxiety, Lack of Sleep and poor Health Habits quickly forming, We decided that a solution needed to be found… And hence… Soul Balance Retreats were created.

We are now helping hundreds of individuals and companies restore balance back into their daily way of life. And most of all… We make it fun!

We look forward to sharing our Sanctuary with your team, and personalizing your Organizations Retreat experience to be a once in a lifetime journey.

Emily & Marc

Soul Balance Retreats