So Who Needs To Come To Our Soul Balance Retreat Sanctuary?

  • Soul Balance Wellness Retreats are for any individual who wants to re-charge & restore balance in their body, re-set their life compass & motivation, and take the first step to move towards positive Health & Wellness.
  • The person who wants restore balance physically, mentally and spiritually – And have some strategies to take home for this to continue to be possible in daily life.
  • The person who wants to feel the benefits of clean organic wholesome food and breathe pure mountain top air in their lungs.
  • The person who doesn’t want to sit in front of their computer wishing they had gone to bed earlier last night, or had a holiday coming up.
  • The person who is currently stressed or dissatisfied with their level of Health, Fitness and Motivation, and need this well deserved break.
  • A person that wants to ‘Give Back’ and express gratitude to the community of Ubud, while truly making a difference to many children and families lives.

This Is Not For…

  • The person that is already 110% satisfied with the level of their Health, Energy levels and feels they have exceptional Stress Management Skills & Personal Development Experience.
  • This is not for the person who is already 100% perfectly balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • This is not for the person who would prefer the “Commercial Bintang Bali” Holiday over a life changing, pure, revitalizing experience that Soul Balance will offer.

What makes it different?

Soul Balance Retreats has a mission to express gratitude and give back to the local Balinese community. We have developed relationships with the local primary school and orphanages through-out the island. You can 100% see for your own eyes that while you are helping yourself, you are truly helping others and making a difference in their life.

The Retreat we have developed is the Health and Wellbeing solution that is personalized for YOU.

You will have access to whatever your body needs every minute of the day – from restful afternoons sleeps, detoxing organic juices, individualized body treatments and massages, Daily Yoga and Meditation sessions to centre yourself, or intense exercise sessions that will get your muscles burning. And that is only the beginning of what we offer at Soul Balance Retreats…

YOU decide exactly what you want from the Retreat, and we will make it happen… That’s right, WE do it all for you!

All you need to do is get a lift to the airport.

No more worrying about your boss or your list of things to do, put yourself and your health first.