The experience of a Soul Balance Retreat is not your typical Bintang Bali Holiday, or weekend away with your friends and family.

Our aim is to guide you through our balanced healing program, while providing you with the tools essential to return home de-stressed, revitalised, and with clarity.

Our Retreat experience has been designed to individually tailor your Health & Wellbeing needs, and is inspired by the traditional Balinese way of life. Our integrated ‘Soul Balance’ approach encourages harmony with nature, spirit and each other.

Our Retreat packages are designed to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual elements. It is your time to listen and honour yourself with what your body needs. This may involve showing up to Yoga religiously every morning, or laying by the pool all afternoon with your book – it is up to you.

Our 7-Day schedule has been created to create a glow from the inside to out.

Everything is included from yoga, guided meditation, spa treatments, group personal training, personal development workshops, all meals – which are made with wholesome organic ingredients, cooking classes, nature walks, a visit to the local markets, detoxing vitamin supplements… And of course our visit to work with the children at the local community primary school.

Soul Balance has built an ongoing relationship with the local Village and the Primary School to provide learning resources and host educational development workshops with each of our Retreat group visits. This is our way of showing gratitude to the local village for allowing us to stay in their magical environment.

This allows us to give back to others while we are helping ourselves with the gift of Soul Balance.

Is Soul Balance Retreat For You?

  • Have you ever sat there and wondered, where can I go for a break so I don’t have to deal with Stress of the usual grind?
  • Have you Lost Motivation, Balance and Time for yourself in the past, and are sitting there waiting for something to change… Only to find out nothing happens?
  • Have you ever had that sickening feeling of not having enough sleep and stressing about how you are going to get through the day?
  • Are you sitting their wondering how do I Break the Pattern of not feeling 100% – and wondering what is my first step to a Healthier version of me?

You are not alone…

After spending years running our own Business’ in the trenches of 12 hour days, Adrenal fatigue, Anxiety, Lack of Sleep and poor Health Habits quickly forming, We decided that a solution needed to be found… And hence… Soul Balance Retreats were born.

We invite you to share our sanctuary, and take your life perception to the next level with Soul Balance.

Emily & Marc

Soul Balance Retreats