Our names are Marc and Emily.        

By our mid-20’s, we were both truly burning ourselves out in the deep trenches of running our own Business’ within the Health field.  We had both discovered the draining experience of the ‘daily grind’.

With that, came financial stress, frustration, feeling like we were stuck, lack of motivation, limited freedom, and ultimately we were fast ‘Burning Out’.  What a great start to our adult career lives as entrepreneurs…

We had fallen in to the trap of a rollercoaster that included a lack of sleep, running on adrenaline, no down time with friends and family, poor exercise habits, and ultimately – adrenal burnout.

Over time we would take our yearly 1-2 weeks off… Eat, Drink, Party and ‘Relax’ – only to find that we would come home even MORE exhausted than when we left.  Not to mention our motivation to get back in to the grind had plummeted.  We all know that feeling of the first day back at work right?

We finally came to the conclusion that this was of NO benefit to our personal goals, values, health or our family’s future.

We have now re-shaped the way we live our lives on a daily basis, we learnt how to re-connect with our own personal values, set our life compass, and ultimately live a life of love, health and emotional wealth.  We have also done the research and taken the hard work out of finding ‘Heaven on Earth’.

When your inner world is aligned, the outer world reflects it back to you. You are in the flow, living your dreams, and the boundaries of work and gifts are blurred. You are living your truth.

We all fall in to the trap of our modern western lifestyles.  We are all just regular people doing the best we can along the path of our journey.

We want to share our experience with YOU and re-charge your Souls…