Cooled by natural breezes, with spectacular view of the gardens and Mount Agung, our Retreat Restaurant provides the freshest products, blended with fresh herbs and spices for an unforgettable dining experience.

We are all about ‘Balance’ when it comes to our Soul Balance menu.

We have carefully designed and selected the menu based on clean and balanced meals, with a few healthy treats along the way. Our goal is to assist in healthy cell regeneration for improved health and restoration.

All vegetables are organically grown onsite at the Retreat’s organic farm, and are grown according to strict ecological principles.

At Soul Balance Retreats we believe in the power of plant-based raw foods combined with herbal supplementation, to assist in cleansing the mind and body. Fresh organic juices are available daily, with carefully selected blends of raw fruits, vegetables and herbs according to ancient Ayurvedic principles to assist the body in re-balancing. Daily pro-biotic supplements are also provided as a part of your Retreat package experience.

Further detoxification, including juice fasting, can be available on request to allow the body to eradicate unwanted substances from the body at a faster rate.

Dietary requirements can be tailored to individual needs, please communicate this with us when reserving your place.