Soul Balance Awakening Retreats in magical Bali was created to provide a space where our clients can come to heal, restore peace, and revitalise their Health & Wellbeing. We are a company that believes in giving back to the local Balinese Community, and work closely with the primary school in our local village to provide educational resources and creative activities throughout our Retreats.


The relationship we have built with the local Balinese village of Jati is very close to our hearts.

Our ongoing Soul Balance projects with the local primary school are moving us closer to our goal of providing a full-time English teacher for the children. Up until this point, we have been able to donate education resources and much needed equipment that has been based on the school requests, as well as facilitate English lessons with our Retreat groups with every visit.


Love, Peace, Harmony and Gratitude for all of our Retreat participants.

Creating opportunity and sustainability for the local Balinese community.


Creating a space of healing, peace, centered hearts and revitalisation.

For Soul Balance Retreats to be able to fund an English teacher for the local school by the end of 2014.

The passion & inspiration behind the creation of Soul Balance Retreats comes from an ancient Balinese Life Philosophy ‘Tri Hita Karana’ which translates as the Three Causes to Prosperity, bringing about harmonious relationships: Human to Faith, Human to Human, and Human with Nature.

This harmonious lifestyle guides us to maintaining the balance of the spiritual and physical worlds. It encourages taking ownership and responsibility for our life, relationships, community and the environment.

When we are balanced and centered in this way, we are open to experiencing inner peace, joy, deep love, and a quality of knowingness.

When there is an imbalance, it shows as ego, judgment, disconnect, selfishness, loneliness and an energetic heaviness.

We encourage all of our participants to take a piece of this ‘Soul Balance’ philosophy home with them, and give guidance as how to integrate this with our western style living.