What makes it different?

Soul Balance Retreats has a mission to express gratitude and give back to the local Balinese community.  We have developed relationships with the local primary school and orphanages throughout the island.  You can 100% see for your own eyes that while you are helping yourself, you are truly contributing and helping others by making a difference in their life.  Our school visit is a vital part of every Soul Balance Retreat.  We organise to work in the local school for a morning, and run an English lesson and donate much-needed supplies/resources to the teachers each visit.  We also work closely with the local village to participate in sustainability projects where possible.


You will have access to whatever your body needs every minute of the day – from restful afternoons sleeps, detoxing organic juices, individualized body treatments and massages, Daily Yoga and Meditation sessions to centre yourself, or intense exercise sessions that will get your muscles burning.  And that is only the beginning of what we offer at Soul Balance Retreats.